Indianapolis Traction Building Kit

The Traction Building has many ornamental artwork, specially on the upper floor. I hesitate to redesign this in all details, because I am actually not sure about the best technical process (2D or 3D). In the meantime, I will assemble a complete photomontage of each side of the Building without distort of a perspective view. This view can serve as a base for a final drawing.

With Illustrator clipping masks I create actually a toolkit of all architectural elements of the Building. With this elements, I could assemble flattened photorealistic views of all four elevations of the Building.


Download section for drawings added

I added a download section for drawings on the right bar. All files are editable pdf files. They may be upgraded with more written figures soon. This files could be edited with Illustrator up from version CS (ai11). Actually, I was unable to export them to dxf, as Béziers curbs of the arched truss are not translated and disappears. This question could be resolved later.  

The scale is 10 computer points representing 1 feet. The figures are now in decimal feet. Scale 1 : 100 is obtained by reduction to 86.399 %, HO or scale 1 : 87 by reduction to 99.309 %. Those who want to try out Z can scale to 39.272 %. If anybody has questions or corrections to make, don't hesitate to send a mail.


Indianapolis Traction Terminal
Searching the right figures

Next step will be a session of extensive drawing of the Terminal Building and Station including artwork. But some main figures remain not secured by sources.

I do not know the exact height of the Building. After intensive exploration of many photos, I think that 130 feet could be (nearly) exact.

In this blueprint (PDF version here) , the figures secured by sources are marked green. Those who are calculated from known parameters are blue. Figures that are only estimated or extrapolated are red. This time, all figures are in decimal feet.


Indianapolis Traction Terminal - Shed trusswork

Drawing was made for the trusses of the station shed.

Trusses on the front ends and inside are not of the same type. The front ends are fitted with x-trusses and ornamental rosaces. The insides trusses have only diagonal trusses.