3D modelling of the Traction Terminal Train Shed

As announced, I started drawing the Train Shed in 3D-Software (Cinema4D). All elements are drawn in Illustrator on a scale of 1/72 (1DTP-point equals 1 inch), and then imported into Cinema4D.

The first truss is done - and the result is surprising. Some details as rivets are still missing. But work is progressing easier than thought.


Thoughts on scale

When I started drawing, I used metric scale. Nothing but normal for an European. But quickly I feel that recalculating all North American sources would be difficult. So I switched to a scale of 10 computer-points equalling 1 foot. Not so bad, except for very small details. Converting inch to decimal feet is not always easy. Rounding up or down the figures creates sometimes small gaps. 

During last weeks, I recieved many very fine documents. They will permitting me to draw details of unthinkable precision. So I consider to switch to 1 computer-point equalling 1 inch, or 1 foot = 12 points. Older drawings could be reused after scaling up to 120 percent.


Anderson Shops - Union Traction Co. of Indiana

During Summer holidays I searched for a subject a little bit easier than the pharaonic work on the Inianapolis Traction Terminal. I found some plans of the UTC Anderson Shops. Only little work was done. As my work on the Terminal has priority, there will be not so much progress. But if anybody feels inspired...


Indianapolis Traction Terminal Building - Details

Indianapolis Traction Terminal Building
Corner Details
An unknown contributor posted a message with a floor plan of the Terminal Building. I learned that my plan was not so bad, but perfectible.
I estimated that the building was drawn on a raster of 15'9" . In fact it was 15'10". I will change this.

Also I had to narrow the columns of 1st and 2nd floor, 3'6" instead of 4' wide. All this will be finished soon. Based on this, built the elevation on Market Street will be an easy game.