Resin print of Standard C80P trucks

They arrived quicker than expected. This is how they are coming out of the shipping box, printed by i.materialise. The quality exceeds largely my expectations.


Ohio Electric Box Car diagram

In the early times, the Ohio Interurban box cars wear the dark green livery with gold lettering of the Ohio Electric Railway. They had end train doors and small side windows.

With the help of Steven Greenup, I draw a new blueprint of this car, based on diagrams of Fritz Hardendorf and some rare photographs.

You can dowload this datafile here :

download pdf diagram


Standard C80P truck for Tenshodo SPUD drive

Standard C8OP Interurban truck for HO Tenshodo SPUD WB24.5
Rendering of an Standard C80P interurban pressed steel motor bogie. The truck frame is now ready for 3D resin printing.


Tenshodo SPUD measures and drawing

The Tenshodo "SPUD" WB24.5 motor bogie is a good base for heavy interurban models. With its wheelbase of 24,5 mm, it matches totally for 7' trucks with 36" (or 37") wheels.

This bogie is a little speedy, but with a good controller and some ballast it will work well.

His low construction permits a virtually unlimited rotation of the truck under the car.

But Tenshodo don't deliver a blueprint with this truck, so I needed to draw it of my own.

You can download a pdf sheet of the measures here.

I made 2 versions : First the real H0 scaled version with the real measures of the model  in Millimeters and then a version in scale 1:72.

I made all my bi-dimensional drawings in 1:72 scale, because it is easy to handle a scale of 1 computer point to 1 inch.

As 3D drawings has no scale, I made even a 3D blow up of the Tenshodo SPUD for virtual 1:1 scale.

Now, it's up to finish the truck side frames, and to think about a car body to put on.


New in my library : Electric Railways of Indiana

Electric Railways of Indiana
Jerry Marlette
1980, Hoosier Heritage Press, 2nd Edition
Paperback, 214 pages
Contains many car drawings and an Indiana Railroad Map.

The book was stamped by his prior owner Richard Clark Evans with his name in ink and the purchase date of 1981.

Like all Marlette books, it is well written, containing precious details and has amazing photos, even if the quality of them is not so high due to low production standards of the book. 

On page 137, an incredible photo shows the wiring of an Interurban line with a work motor pushing the wire car and stringing the wire "hot" under power , with the reel under power at all times. 


Standard C80P truck for Tenshodo SPUD

Tenshodo SPUD WB24.5 with "Standard C80P" frame
Basically, 3D drawings have no scale. All elements are potentially "real scale".

For 3D drawing, I use 1:1 scale, for it's ease to transfer data from diagrams. Only export files for HO resin prints are scaled down to 1:87.

But as the Tenshodo "SPUD" motor bogie is really in HO, you have to scale it up to a fictive "real 1:1" scale to integrate it into your drawings. Track Gauge of my SPUD is now 56.5" or 4'8.5" !

This sucessfully done, I draw a  "Standrdd C80P" interurban truck frame around, for a future H0 scale resin print.