The Oneonta Project [3] - modeling grooved wooden side panels

Grooved wooden side panels of Interurban passaenger cars were considered too fine to be realized with 3D resin print.

But now I think that it could be done. The grooved sheeting with prototypical 2" planks greatly improuves the look of this car.


Truck frames for NWSL Stanton drives

Currently, I have produced three different truck frames for NWSL Stanton drives as resin print models.

A Baldwin 78 truck with depressed ends, the same with strait ends, and a Standard C80P truck.

All this frames are made for NWSL Stanton            
Underfloor Power Units
Model 1210 , Part# 39279-4          
Wheelbase 7’(84”)
Wheel dia.  36”  

The resin prints are available at the i.materialise shop