Chicago Surface Lines "Sedan" in H0 scale

By the end of the 20ies, Chicago Surface Line ordered a batch of 100 modern streetcars built following the principles of Peter Witt. In Chicago, this modern cars were called "Sedans". This fine model is the fruit of six month of slow but patient work with Paul Mayer (shorelinedecals.com). Drawings, photos, 3D renderings, beta prints were sent from continent to continent. In fact, we never met, but I hope that will change. This model is my first fully riveted printed carbody, and the shell is clipping over the Bachmann drive (a little tricky, but it works). Screwholes are provided under the roof to support the Bachmann circuit board. The HO scale carbody of this SL "Sedan" is available here: http://i.materialise.com/gallery/59b2c630-998a-48b0-8a9a-5f078b8ccdfa .
The one-man version of this streetcar will be ready soon.