Dronization of Traction Modeling (4): first operational Interurban car

I shrinked the electronics to fit inside an Interurban car. From left (front) to right (rear) : WLAN dongle (green), 7,4 V LiPo traction battery (silver) WLAN controller (green circuit board), and the small motor controller (blue).

Battery charging is still a little complicated. I haven't yet installed a plug. LiPo batteries must be charged carefully. For a 7.4 V cell you need 5 poles, 2 for current, and 3 for balance charging.

Some improvements are needed to plug easily a battery charger. Time will tell me a solution.

The car is ready to run. In evidence, the free window view is lost because the car is now full of equipment. But it is funny to drive, regardless of current collection.


Modeling the Indiana Railroad

Lightweight 323 in its shiny "Traction Orange" coat is waiting for the first run.
When 323 comes back, it shows its rear face. On the left, an IRR  "High speed" stands ready to exchange passengers.


Chicago "Sedan" HO model built by Richard Allman

Chicago "Sedan" HO model build by Richard Allman. This is my 3D print model, made by iMaterialise, with Decals from Paul Mayer.

The printed body snaps over a Bachmann Peter Witt drive.

(Photos Richard Allman)


Winona Windsplitter

Photos of Winona Windsplitters are rare. Photos of two of them are even further rare. Here are two of them in the Indianapolis Traction Terminal , on track 5 and 6.

Electric Railway Journal, September 30, 1916, page 658